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(Laughter) So how do we reconcile what is universally forbidden, yet universally practiced?

Now, throughout history, men practically had a license to cheat with little consequence, and supported by a host of biological and evolutionary theories that justified their need to roam, so the double standard is as old as adultery itself.

The seat is currently held by the legendary Doris Jones (Cicely Tyson), who has earmarked it for her daughter, Celia (Lisa Gay Hamilton), when she retires after this term.

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Such early parent-child interactions start your child’s understanding of what is appropriate with regard to sex, even before you know they are interested.

Ringo (by Monica in The One With The Fake Party)Mr.

Big (by Monica)Sir-Limps-a-Lot (in college, created by Ross)Roland Chang (fake ID in The One With All The Thanksgivings)Shaw-La-La (by Doug)Bing-a-Ling (by Janice)Ms.

Chanandaler Bong Bing (by Doug)Toby (by Bob)'The Funny One'Skidmark (by Julie Graff in The One With The Nap Partners)The Dropper The King of Bad Thanksgiving Chan-Chan Man (by Monica)Duck Channy (by Joey)Channy Fanny (by Frank Buffay Jr.

in The One Hundreth)Mondler (by Ross in The One Where Phoebe Runs)Chauncey (by Jack Geller and Ross in The One With Phoebe's Cookies)Clint Gene Mark Johnson John Markson Sweetie, Honey (by Monica)Mr.

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