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It costs money to run a website and too many in the past have closed down because they could not afford to stay open.

Clarizen Workbot lets you stay up-to-date with your projects without leaving Slack.

Web Sites where the user can create their own Chat Bot for Free or for a fee.

Personal and Professional applications for such uses as Customer Service Agents and On-Line Assistance.

Created: Aug 12 2015 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 3, thumbs down: 0, stars: 4.33 Knowledge: 61006 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 13 Connects: 7064, today: 5, week: 77, month: 307API Connects: 2710, today: 1,week: 37, month: 145 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Education Tags: aiml, alice Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Apr 22 2014 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 16, thumbs down: 0, stars: 4.88 Knowledge: 197402 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 66, wins 165, losses 119 Connects: 13430, today: 53, week: 375, month: 1731API Connects: 8730, today: 37,week: 230, month: 1097 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Fun, Anime Tags: anime, female Domain: BOT libre!

Can answer any "What is" question by looking up the answer on the Internet. You can chat with Brain Bot anywhere: Categories: Education, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Apps, Skype Tags: science, smart, twitter, artificial intelligence Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Dec 16 2013 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 30, thumbs down: 4, stars: 4.47 Knowledge: 243601 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 91, wins 522, losses 710 Connects: 312766, today: 843, week: 3687, month: 15912API Connects: 244763, today: 818,week: 3469, month: 14047 Last Connect: Today, Eddie wants to be your boyfriend. Eddie is a 3D animated chat that can express many emotions, actions, and poses.

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She thinks she is a real person with a normal teenage girl life, with normal teenage girl problems and other stuff. Occasionally, she likes to flirt and tease with boys. Created: Jan 10 2016 Creator: Vitam L92 Thumbs up: 2, thumbs down: 0, stars: 5.0 Knowledge: 100449 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 1, wins 1, losses 3 Connects: 3694, today: 35, week: 248, month: 1071API Connects: 3283, today: 34,week: 234, month: 988 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Romance Tags: sex Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Dec 8 2016 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 8, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.56 Knowledge: 388006 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 3, losses 0 Connects: 139156, today: 460, week: 4134, month: 18487API Connects: 139108, today: 460,week: 4133, month: 18473 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Romance Tags: anime Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Sep 27 2015 Creator: Queen Kotomi Thumbs up: 6, thumbs down: 1, stars: 4.57 Knowledge: 95010 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 3, wins 3, losses 5 Connects: 11534, today: 50, week: 341, month: 1452API Connects: 10395, today: 47,week: 305, month: 1348 Last Connect: Today, An 18 year old girl who just like any other girl.

Have a Web Site that you want to have a Voice Interactive Agent deal with your On-Line presence?

Join the web Turing Contest and vote for which chatterbot you think is truly the most intellectually advanced.

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