Dating a rock star

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I had the vaguest recollection that I had heard from a colleague he had been in some kind of famous band, but I didn’t really know the details.

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Because who wouldn't call Prince Harry their boyfriend if given the opportunity? ) couple alert started making headlines after the young royal was posed in a photograph that labeled him as a young woman's boyfriend. So, obviously, the 19-year-old took a snap with Harry.In a desperate attempt to earn money to save her own life, and maybe even find love, Monet enters a contest to win a date with a rock star and ,000.Gagnon adeptly creates a future that may not be too different from our own.Overpopulation and pollution have turned the world into very dismal place where most humans are forced to live in impossibly small quarters, and clean air and water are luxuries of the wealthy.Monet O'Neal lives with her single mother in a tiny apartment in Boston.

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