Dating corpses with hair analysis wilmer valderrama dating history

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The Borremose bodies are three bog bodies that were found in the Borremose peat bog in Himmerland, Denmark.

Recovered between 19, the bodies of a man and two women have been dated to the Nordic Bronze Age.

Forensic testing for drugs of abuse in hair has become a useful diagnostic tool in determining recent past drug use as well as examining long-term drug history through segmental analysis (i.e.

identification and quantification of drugs along the length of the hair shaft from scalp hair).

In 1891, the Gundestrup cauldron was found in a nearby bog.

In 1946, Borremose man was discovered by peat diggers in the southernmost part of Borremose.

The Iceman is much older than the Iron Age men from the Danish peat bogs and older even than the Egyptian royal mummies.The usefulness and the importance of hair analysis depends on the ability to identify and quantify drugs and metabolites in hair that arise from ingestion but not from passive exposure or exogenous application of drugs.Hair is a unique matrix because no active metabolism or excretion occurs within its structure to remove drugs once they have been deposited.Introduction | Scientific Basis for Microscopic Hair Examinations | Microscopic Characteristics—Hair Identification Transfer and Persistence of Hairs | Hair-Collection Process | Race and Body-Area Identification | Procedure for Microscopic Hair Comparisons | Studies Supporting Microscopic Hair Comparison | DNA Analysis of Hairs | Conclusions | Acknowledgment | References Hair evidence is one of the most common types of evidence encountered in criminal investigations.During the course of the normal hair-growth cycle, hairs are readily lost from individuals, and these hairs may be transferred during the course of a criminal activity.

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