Dating disston saws

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Donna Rose Allen still maintains an active website devoted to quality new and old tools.The catalogs are grouped in alphabetical order, by company name.His screw slots were widened to accommodate a regular screw driver at that time. First saws made had Disston & Son on the back with H. Please refer to that period in the article to connect with the end of the split nut era.There are not too many 1887 patent screws to be found with that date. Now go back to Disstons Patent of saw screws in 1876 and the collection has a saw with the August dates stamped on the face side of the saw screws. Washburn's Patent of 1867 and Monger's of 1869 are good dates for many makers but not Disston. From 1865 back to ca 1850 the only change of note is the adoption of the third type eagle.I find that dating the manufacture of a saw is best done by studying a sizable collection of saws produced by a single maker. This information can not be based on hard facts, especially for early saws, because, to my knowledge there are none. "PHILADELPHIA" - a complete spelling and only time I have seen it, is under the HENRY DISSTON arch. The chamfer is still heavy but the stop at the hook is very plain. This, I believe, is the opportunity for us to provide additional information on saw manufacture and dating which (as far as I know) has not been published to this date.The next issue of a publication that bears a study of mine can add or subtract your responses.

It can be noted that the hook and carving of the lower handle was retained for some time while markings on the back and saw screws went through change.When known, the catalogs from each company are listed in chronological order.When known, the date of publication is given in parentheses after the title.Only because of the lack of the third eagle label screws have I guessed that it may have been used 4 or 5 years.In the time period 1840-1850 Disston was not afraid to try something new.

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