Dating family photos

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But just as you can date Victorian family photographs by photo type and women’s hairstyles, you can also identify family members and date your old photos using clues found in women’s clothing of the Victorian era.

Identifying individuals in the photographs is possible. The answers to these questions can narrow down which side of the family the photograph(s) belonged. Other family members may provide a date and/or the circumstances of when the photograph was taken.The post itself is a gem: We all had a few friends in college who took their studies more seriously than their social life, and it sounds like Ashley was doing her roomie a solid.Enter the hero of this story, 21-year-old junior Joey with no labels indicating who the people were?Wouldn't you like to learn how to analyze the photos systematically to pinpoint when they may have been taken? Then you might be able to identify the mystery people whose names were lost with time.

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