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Other pre-loaded, but slightly less popular, female celebrities in the app include Beyonce, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Emilia Clarke.

As for the ladies, they seem to be most looking for a Justin Bieber type, with the pop star earning the most lookalike searches among female users.

Recent research has revealed that most of us do have “a type” and more often than not, we’re attracted to people with a similar face shape, and in some instances partners with similar DNA.

When it comes to love, we’ve all heard the idea that “like attracts like.” It’s also recently garnered attention on the Internet thanks to a super-surreal and vaguely unsettling trend called “boyfriend twins” that has made the rounds on the blogosphere.

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If a Cooper dopplegänger turned up in Taiwan, would you fly out?This website will instantly give you a quotation for your lookalike request, whether it is just for one celebrity lookalike or for multiple looka-alikes it is instantly available here at the click of your mouse.We have a copyrighted formula to calculate all your entered details which will give you an instant quotation that includes all expenses so you are just left with knowing exactly what the final price is. No more waiting for agencies to get back to you with prices, no more waiting for lookalikes availability, no more waiting for contracts to arrive in the post, this website gives you it all instantly.Users simply upload a photo of someone who is their 'type' — like an ex or crush — or choose a celebrity from their menu, and brings up lookalikes across several different dating apps.The app, which Buzz Feed said had about 15,000 users as of mid-June, allows users to access multiple dating apps at once and search purely by physical type.

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