Economic theory of dating

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On a dating site, lots of members mean lots of available potential matches.

Assuming the algorithm of each site you visit is good at matching members, if you're given 10 matches from a site with 100 members and 10 from a site with 10,000, bigger is better.

with at least three girls every passing period,” said Alex Doss, a junior student studying economics at Brigham Young University. I would be walking past the Brimhall building on my to the Harris Fine Arts Center and spot and a girl and say “Oh, I For those pursuing a BA in Economics, the “search model,” or the economic theory that describes the aforementioned circumstance, should be familiar.

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And as much as we may appreciate having our choices limited, if only to save us from being overwhelmed, from a purely economic standpoint, there is no benefit to limiting your own options, even if it means getting sucked into a time-consuming rabbit hole. According to Oyer, you can see everything from why executives "sugarcoat" their company's situations to why qualified candidates remain jobless, reflected in the world of online dating. Hey, it worked for him: Ultimately Oyer met his match online. Turns out online dating (or, say, the marketplace of life partners) operates a lot like other markets, says Paul Oyer, an economics professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and author of . Below, Oyer shares some of the insight he gained through his own forays into the online dating world.Not that we ever signed up to these places as paying customers (does it make me sound old that my dating site of choice was Maybe pay-to-play would have been a good filter, though I suspect the cowardice of men transcends all intention, paid or otherwise.Plus, e Harmony has a crap history with LGBTQ issues, and they once rejected my friend’s mom for not seeming happy enough in her personality assessment (true story), so I hate them.

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