Georgia tech dating

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If you’re a single straight guy and you don’t live here, you’re an idiot. This means that unlike men, women in Atlanta workout, have great jobs, multiple degrees, high-performing investment portfolios, rental properties, on-call hairdressers, and personal chefs.

Yes, that means all the single ladies; word to Beyoncé.

Or a big group of us will explore the city via MARTA and go out to eat.

“Atlanta is a mess,” says Brian Howie, creator of the Great Love Debate world tour which seeks to answer the question, “Why is everyone still single?Women in Atlanta are a particularly desperate daters.There are Black women who are totally frustrated with their options and young women who think they should be married by age 30, Howie says.There's live music and workshops in addition to the exhibits.They have jazz nights every month, but I haven't gotten a chance to go since it's on weeknights.

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