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Seems, like we are not going to get enough of Facebook ever, as Facebook is releasing these new features back to back.All thanks to Google social networking site: Google plus.All you have to do to set up the Selective Twitter service is input your Twitter username, and press Save.One thing to keep in mind is that if your Twitter account is set to private, Selective Twitter will not work.When it comes to managing multiple social media accounts across different platforms, it's easy to fall into the time-sucking trap of doing everything manually.If you generally post the same updates on Facebook as you do on Twitter, you can kill two birds with one stone by setting up your Twitter account so it posts your tweets as updates on Facebook automatically.If you are active on both Twitter and Facebook then you probably already know how much work it can be to keep both feeds updated.

This new Facebook twitter integration will let you auto publish your public status updates from Facebook to Twitter.Though right now this feature is only available for Facebook pages but I assume, we may see this feature for Facebook profile too.Here is a quick guide for all who are looking to update their Twitter status via Facebook.Keep in mind that any @replies you tweet on Twitter or direct messages you send will not show up on Facebook.Remember that you can manage your auto-posting options anytime by checking or unchecking any of these options in your Facebook Connect app, or you can even disconnect the app altogether if you simply don't want to use it anymore.

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