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Små og store firmaer varierer mye både i virksomhetskultur og organisasjon.Avhengig av hvordan din personlighet er, så trives du nok best enten hos et lite eller stort firma.Image: Prehistoric Rock Painting in Kaimur/outlookindia Even if our eighth-grade History class was of no interest to us, the knowledge of rock paintings was instilled in every educand.The paintings talk to us, telling us about the livelihood of those before us and preserving our predecessors in a vial in the form of paintings.

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-Dette er effektivisering på høyt nivå, sier fungerende talsmannen for NAV, Willy Blikket.

Tar tid Alle som noen gang har hatt med NAV å gjøre vet at ting kan ta tid.

In 2010 they art directed India’s first multimedia light and sound show running successfully at Purana Quila is called Ishq-e-Dilli.

This smart and highly capable creative unit believes in long term association with people and companies it works with.

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