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We will hold our traditional dinner at Outback Saturday night followed by the open house tour.

Next-door Neighbors Take a short sightseeing trip from Lancaster County to explore our nearby neighbors.

We are so glad you’ve found your way to Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences’ website!

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The French ran across them in the area around Buffalo, apparently visiting the Wenro, and suggesting their numbers were far greater.

The Province of Maryland fought a declared war for nearly a decade, signing a peace in 1632, against the Susquehannock Confederation who were allied to New Sweden and furnishing fire arms to the Susquehannocks in exchange for furs.

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    You may try to pass off your self-perceived weaknesses’ as strengths, but if you modify yourself in an attempt to win someone over or control the opinion they form of you, you are in a sense trying to control or dominate their thoughts and actions.

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