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Ben, who wants revenge, burns Louise's hand and locks her inside the summerhouse.Phil finds out and worries if he's abusing her as Stella abused him.

A metal guardrail pierced Kelsey's passenger window and lopped off her right arm just above her elbow.In Walford, he settles in to live with his half-brother and Kathy's son from ex-husband, Pete, Ian Beale."Somebody help me" Eventually, he is reunited with his dad but has a dislike to his then-girlfriend, Stella, who starts to abuse Ben physically. In July 2007, Phil and Stella's wedding day, Ben reveals all about Stella, making her commit suicide by jumping off a roof. Ben begins to take up dancing and passes an exam for Phil's approval.A mother-of-two has had her arm re-attached in a groundbreaking operation less than a year after it was sliced off in a car accident.Kelsey Ward, from Schertz, Texas, was driving home from work in April 2016 when her SUV rolled off an exit ramp and turned over.

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