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Apple rose .46 to 2.72 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is showing slides of all the negative comments that Kindle received. "Four years ago we stated with 90,000 books today it's a million," he says. But the new lighter Kindle will definitely be available in the UK – and as Bob Hughes points out in the comments, here's a link to pre-order the 6oz version. But here in the US, it's – equivalent to around £50 at today's exchange rate. Josh Halliday has just been speaking to an Amazon spokesman, who confirms that neither the Kindle Touch nor the Kindle Fire will be available in the UK. As I said earlier, the reason why the Fire can't be released outside the US is because it's hooked up to Amazon Cloud, which isn't available outside the US for legal reasons. After a lot of foreplay with new Kindles, the Amazon boss revealed a full-on rival to the i Pad, the Kindle Fire.

"You can choose any of these books and have them in 60 seconds wirelessly." This all looks like a pitch for how the new device will get better over time, to defuse criticism that it's an underpowered i Pad. As for the Touch, that's probably to do with the Whispersync wifi synching service. It's going to cost 9 and ship in the US on November 15 and will no doubt sell out on the first day giving Amazon another pre-Christmas PR jolt.

Taking a leaf (or pip perhaps) from the Apple playbook, the company has sent an invite saying that we all expect to be the unveiling of a new tablet device called Kindle Fire. Not since Moses descended from Mount Sinai has a tablet been so hotly anticipated. Apple's i Pad is way more significant than the ten commandments. Here's some pre-match comment from professor Ajay Bhalla from Cass Business School. "At this stage, it is incorrect to assume that Amazon tablet will be a true rival to Apple i Pad." He says Apple's ecosystem is hard to imitate for rivals. So far we've had three new cheap Kindles, a new Kindle Fire i Pad rival and now a web browser!

There he ascends Mount Sinai and returns with the Ten Commandments. Legs and torsos seem to have only the most casual acquaintance with one another.

Did something sour Ramses and turn him into a grumpalumpagus? But hold on, the worst is yet to come: the nutso physiques of the characters.

The attempts to reconcile these accounts internally and with each other are not convincing. Medieval theologians deduced from the combination of the Decalogue and the motif of the people hearing God's voice, particularly in Exodus 19:9 and Deuteronomy , that God's purpose in proclaiming the Decalogue was achieved when "henceforth the people believed that Moses held direct communication with God, that his words were not creations of his own mind" (Judah Halevi, Sefer ha-Kuzari, ), and hence, that the laws he subsequently communicated originated with God (Maim., Yad, Yesodei ha-Torah, 8:1f.). 28:2), which is comparable (Tur-Sinai, Haran) to the custom attested in Egypt and Hatti of depositing copies of pacts under the feet of gods who had witnessed them.

The accounts apparently combine different versions of the event: (a) God spoke with Moses, and the people overheard; (b) He spoke with Moses and then Moses transmitted His words to the people; (c) God spoke to the people directly. This is a likely interpretation of the present form of the Decalogue narrative. Furious over the *golden calf Moses broke the first pair of tablets (Ex. ), after which he again ascended Sinai, remaining another forty days pleading on behalf of the people. God commanded that this pair be placed inside the *Ark of the Covenant , which was housed first in the tent sanctuary, later in the Tabernacle at Shiloh, and ultimately in the *Temple in Jerusalem (Ex. The account of these events is complicated in Exodus by the intervening presence, in –26, of another set of covenant stipulations, which Moses is also commanded to write down ().

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