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Women who believe the man should be the one to make the first move might want to rethink their dating strategy — especially online.New data from OKCupid, cited by The New York Times, reveals that women fare a lot better when they take the initiative to message a man.This gives a probability of finding the best secretary (mate) at 1⁄e or approximately 0.37.Hannah Fry, a lecturer in the Mathematics of Cities at University College London, has applied the mathematical solution to modern dating.With some proper insight and some technical savviness, I quickly formulated a theorem for how the matching algorithm works.For the next year and a half, I tested my theorem against the platform on a regular basis increasing my matches by 20-30% over time. And yes, for once, math was ultimately responsible for getting someone dates.We think about idealized versions of ourselves and paint a skewed profile, often not on purpose, but because these sites are designed to make us feel great about ourselves.

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It’s how I formulate my understanding of the world and the intuitions that guide me.Others just want out, so they're willing to settle for someone who seems good enough at that moment in time. It turns out that the design of a dating website and how it manages data collection is significantly more important than the algorithms alone in determining successful matches.The process of creating a successful dating site happens in many steps. I argue that that algorithms alone can't create good matches. Because most of us answer the questions on dating sites aspirationally rather than honestly.Surrounded by too many options, we become paralyzed, overwhelmed, and unable to make a decision.Some of us begin to think that we have infinite opportunities and become lured by the prospect of bigger, better deals.

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