Updating software on ipad 2

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The new APFS filesystem for 64 bit i OS hardware runs storage on i OS 10.3 instead of HFS which has been Apple's main format on both i OS and mac OS for decades.

For many people, it might be best to schedule the update for the evening when the device is plugged in to power and connected to Wi Fi.

A couple of people (one example) have reported that after upgrading to i OS 9 and then doing a the performance dramatically improved.

The issue there, though, as I understand it, is that you lose all your apps, settings, etc.

They noted that the speed improvements are not significant. In my own case, I haven't really seen any dramatic benefits after the upgrade. It's still sllllooowww to launch applications and to switch between them.

Quite honestly I've been too insanely busy with work activities that I haven't really had the chance to give it much of a test. Maybe I'll try the factory reset route and rebuild the device...

Apple also released i OS 10.3.1 in early April which includes bug fixes and security improvements.

Apple is likely focusing on i OS 11 for major new features which we expect to see introduced at WWDC 2017 on June 5 next month.

There have been a good number of comments on the original post - and I've received a fair number of private email messages asking how my upgrade went.For instructions on updating your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch to the latest version of i OS, see our tutorial on updating software here.i OS 10.3.2 follows the March release of i OS 10.3 which includes Find My Air Pods, Car Play updates, Apple File System, and more. We loaded some apps on the phone three times each, manually closing them between runs and timing them with a stopwatch.Knowing that the i Phone 4S and i Pad 2 only have 512MB of RAM, Ars also tested how fast they could reload tabs after they’d been purged from memory.

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