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It’s said that opening a photo several times can start to diminish the quality of a photo. This is kind of like a new photo hack to make your ex-uglier in ten days. Regardless, there is not a movie called how to lose a guy in four thousand days. You didn’t tag anyone by using an @ sign and posts had, by far, less hashtags inside of them.

So if you want to make your ex-uglier, you could just write a command line script to open and close a picture, of your ex, a billion times. I’m talking about the days of Myspace and Myspace Dating. Not because I want to go through the single life once again. I’m talking about the days when website transparency wasn’t a thing.

Being the first mover in a new consumer market doesn’t ensure you will come out on top though.This past week Tinder announced the company’s first attempt at monetizing their hugely popular mobile dating app.They named the new premium tier Tinder Plus, and made all sorts of head scratching decisions about how much to charge and what features to include in the new product.People in my mother's group of friends, a lot of women that have gone through divorces, or are ready for something new.So I truly believe that what we're seeing with online dating is very similar to what happened with the Myspace-Facebook era, where Myspace was once this place for online connecting for a very select group of young people.

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