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The online creation was part of a project the NGO launched to uncover the extent of a new phenomenon: live online child prostitution and abuse.

Terre des Hommes identified more than 1,000 men from 71 countries in the space of just 10 weeks who were willing to pay to watch Sweetie perform sex acts even though they knew that she was just 10 years old.

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The controversial spread caused a flood of criticism from media watchers and feminist bloggers alike — especially here in the U. In response to the Vogue controversy, the French Senate opened an investigation into whether there was a problem with hypersexualzation affecting French children and if so what to do about it.

Nothing about these scenes would be out of the ordinary in the haute fashion magazine, except that in this case, the models were as young as 10 years old. But in a culture where sexuality is more accepted, had the French finally gone too far?

In January, France's national legislature will vote whether to ban childhood beauty pageants.

The organization has now handed over its findings to Interpol.

Hans Guyt, the Head of Campaigns and Special Projects at Terre des Hommes in The Hague, told DW about the undertaking and how to protect children from what the groups calls online sex tourism. Hans Guyt: A year and a half ago when we visited the Philippines to evaluate our projects against child prostitution there, we noticed that a lot of child prostitutes had just disappeared from view.

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