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Many of the parts on Big Bens and Baby Bens were interchangeable for many years, but there were just enough modifications in the design to cause confusion.So, Westclox date stamped the movements in their clocks until the late 1970s.The company again went bankrupt, and was reorganized by F. Matthiessen in 1888 as the Western Clock Manufacturing Company.In 1908, the company was granted a patent for the "Big Ben" alarm clock movement.(The "Clock of Tomorrow" and some later style 8 Big Bens have this feature.) The same rules apply with this type of adjustment.Point the slot to "F" to make your clock run faster, etc.

Looks like a Honeywell "round" thermostat mounted on a base.My mom’s father had a small collection of antique clocks and when I was a little boy he showed me how to wind them and regulate them.When I was eight we moved to a new house and my mom and I were looking in the attic and found an old octagon wall clock made by Waterbury, probably dated about 1880. I hung it on my wall and we tried to get it fixed but the repairman couldn’t fix it.So I swapped them, and it’s worked perfectly ever since.: My grandma gave me an old Baby Ben alarm clock that didn’t work when I was seven.

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